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The Great American Expansion

            The debates that took place over the American expansionism, in the 1840s, are both similar and different of those that took place in the 1890s. American expansion was constantly happening throughout the entire 19th century. A drastic difference, between the 1840 and 1890, expansion was where the United States aimed to expand themselves toward. The Spanish-American War and the Mexican-American War both also were differences in the two American expansions. During both expansions, the United States and the population were hungry for new territories and land to acquire. They also wanted to add a larger population to the census, in favor of the United States.
             The Manifest Destiny, occurred during the 1840 expansion, was different then the New Manifest Destiny, occurred during the 1890 expansion. The Manifest Destiny was looking to acquire New Territories throughout the Continent of North America. The Democratic and Imperialistic people of America sough territory growth and more freedom; Nationalists sought American greatness. The New Manifest Destiny wanted to gain land outside of North America. The reason America was in search for territories outside the United States was because the closing of the frontier. All of the land throughout what now is the United States, was owned by the United States and the Census Bureau said that there was no longer a frontier to gain land on. F.J Turner stated," Now, four centuries from the discovery of America, at the end of a hundred years of life under the Constitution, the frontier has gone, and with its going has closed the first period of American history." In addition, throughout the New Manifest Destiny the United States was in search for raw materials and new markets for their surplus goods, the Manifest Destiny was not in search for either of them.
             The Mexican-American War happened when the United States sent John Slidell, a negotiator, to negotiate with the unstable Mexican government.

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