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Three Point Summary of The Iliad

             Write a three paragraph synopsis of the Iliad focusing on its universal themes.
             Its been nine years since the Trojan War begins. The battle that started because Paris takes the wife of the King of Sparta Menelaus. During the battle, the greeks captured two beautiful maidens, Chryseis and Briseis. Agamemnon takes Chryseis for as his prize and Achilles, the Acheans Greatest Warrior, claims Briseis. But soon, Agamemnon returned Chryseis to the Troy in order to appease Apollo and end the crisis on his army given by the God. Agamemnon then demands Briseis from Achilles for Chryseis stead. Furious at this insult, Achilles returns to his tent and wrathfully withdraw himself and his army Myrmidons from the Trojan War. The absence of Achilles and the support of Zeus on the Trojans cause for the Greeks to near to its fall. During the battle, Menelaus and Paris meet in a combat for Helen. Hector fight for Troy and his opponent Ajax fight for Greece. But the Greece was about to lose, they make no progress, their defeat is about to happen. Without Achilles they have a little chance to win so Odysseus told Agamemnon to give back Briseis to Achilles for the warrior to fight with them again. Agamemnon agreed but Achilles refuses the offer.
             Though he is not fighting for the Greeks anymore, Achilles agrees to allow his beloved friend Patroclus to takes his place in battle, wearing his armor. Patroclus was a good warrior and his disguised as Achilles helps the Greece to fight against the Troy. But while at battle, Hector, with the help of the God- Apollo, killed Patroclus and takes Achilles armor with him. Achilles was filled with so much grief and rage when he discovers that Patroclus was killed by Hector. Achilles then reconciles with Agamemnon and rejoins the battle, despite knowing his deadly fate, and drives all the Trojans before him in his fury, wearing the new special armor that her mother gave to him.

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