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The Story of Henrietta Lacks

            Henrietta not telling any of her family members about her cancer, and then making the decision that she was too sick and tired to be able to take care of her mentally retarded daughter, and sent her to the mental hospital (I could not imagine keeping something with this much importance away from my kids, husband, and the rest of my family) - I think that if I would have been Henrietta, I would have wanted to tell everyone what was wrong so I could get help, and maybe someone would have offered to take care of her kids while she was getting treatment, and they wouldn't have all been separated.
             Ethel moving in to "help take care of the children" (They were already enemies and if Henrietta would've been there to have a say so I know that Ethel would not have moved into her house just to get revenge on her kids for something that was neither their fault or Henrietta's) - Ethel always has a hatred for Henrietta because Galen was attracted to her. If I was Day I would've never let them move in to my house because all she did was make the children work and beat them if they disobeyed. Researchers not explaining why they wanted DNA samples to the Lacks family, and not getting consent to have these samples (With wanting to enter the medical field, I would never do something behind a families back because I thought that it might benefit me) - I think that if the researchers would have gotten formal consent from the family to have these DNA samples, then getting more answers from their cells would have been easier. If the family wanted to they could have gotten those researchers in a lot of trouble in the later years. .
             Henrietta and her family faced many obstacles, most importantly because they were black. They were always treated differently, and the health care options weren't as good for Henrietta because they used her to the back of the line and she wasn't as much of a priority as everyone else.

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