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Once More to the Lake by E.B. White

             White's "Once More to the Lake "is about a lake that he visited every summer with his father and mother, and later in life he took his son to stay on the lake, as he did in his childhood life. The text says that "In a sense, White's essay is a reflection on continuity and change" (194). In this essay, White gives some positive and negative aspects about his experience upon returning to the lake with his son.
             One of the positive aspects as White revisit the lake with his son is that he recognizes that he is reliving his childhood experience though his son's eyes. White states that "It is strange how much you can remember about a places once you allow your mind to return into the grooves which lead back" (195) .Another positive aspect about returning to the lake is that even though the world has changed, the lake remain the same. Where things like transportation by airplanes and cars are more common, the cottages remain the same. The tiny cottages that surround the shore still have small docks with flag poles. Instead of having indoor plumbing, they still continued to use the outhouse that is located in the back. The cabins still have the same smell to them as White remembers as a young boy. So, his son has a chance to experience the same things that White experienced as a child. Another positive aspect is family's still came to the lake to escape the city heat and noise of the big city life. They are happy to see that the lake has not changed with time; the night breeze still brings the wrong smell of the swamp through the rust screens, the rooms are still small with no air conditioner, and the summer breeze is the only thing to cool down the cabins at night. E.B. White's also Stated, 'It gave me a creepy sensation" (194) .Meaning White's son was repeating what he did. These are the positive aspects that he shares with his son at the lake.
             The negative aspects at the lake involve changes that are surrounding the lake, for the town has made some changes over a period of time.

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