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Life and Music in Uganda

             Lindsey Lucia is a native to the country of Uganda. She was born there & continues to live there to this day. David and Kymm Story have been serving a LDS mission in Uganda for the last 16 months. During their stay in Uganda, they were able to create close relationship with the natives around them. One of those natives is Lindsey Lucia. It was because of this relationship and Facetime that this interview was able to take place. Lindsey was gracious enough to answer any and all questions needed in order to complete the interview. Lindsey was born in Kampala, Uganda and has lived there for her whole life. Kampala has a populace of 1.6 million and there are numerous major metropolises in the south, while Gulu is the main region in the north. With the cultivating economy, there is a rising middle class. This is reflected in the current supermarkets and shopping malls, which can be located in Kampala. However, there are still numerous unemployed and impoverished individuals and it is a usual sight to see children pleading on the roads.
             The capital suffers from unfortunate infrastructure; roads are severely jammed and there are regular power outages. With electricity both undependable and costly where it is accessible, over 90% of Ugandans depend on charcoal or firewood for their culinary needs. Uganda presently has two hydroelectric plants (more stations are planned), but these do not offer sufficient electricity for the country's increasing demands. Power outages are extremely common because of this.
             B. Family Issues.
             As far as family structure, responsibilities, and gender roles go, it is pretty universal for the majority of families in Uganda. Ugandan families and societies have traditionally had distinct gender roles. In general, women are accountable for the majority of the household responsibilities such as cleaning, food preparation, obtaining water and firewood, care giving and child rearing.

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