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Gender Roles in Literature

            As the years have gone on, we have seen many changes in the differences and roles of gender. Little have we thought of seeing cars taking a role of gender, in this case an SUV. SUVs have taken the role of a male with a feminine touch. Dave Barry's Guys vs. Men is a funny, interesting and in fact true effort at explaining who guys really are, and why they are that way. Reptile Dreams focuses more on characteristics of an SUV that reflect the characteristics of men. Both authors produced a strategically strong essay in reference to their point of view with their own personal touch using a topic that they know most about. Dave Barry, the author of "Guys vs. Men" projects the thought of men giving guys a bad name. Even though he can't define exactly what it means to be a guy. he lays out "certain guy characteristics." For example, he uses Zippy, the dog, to reinforce the moral qualities of a 'guy'. typically guys are aware of the rules of moral behavior, they just seem to have trouble following them, when there are certain extenuating circumstances. For example: "Zippy, a guy dog who has been told numerous times that he is not suppose to get into the kitchen garbage or poop on the floor, but he has never understood why, so he thinks that it should not apply to him when someone just threw away a seven week old kung Pao Chicken and is home alone.".
             Thinking since nobody is home they won't find out, yet when the owner comes home they discover the scene of the crime. Similarly, Keith Bradsher, the author of "High and Mighty uses the characteristics of an animal to describe the male gender in this case the SUV. Bradsher observes that the sense of protection is what drives the SUV design. The whole idea was to make the SUV big and intimidating. Even design cues, like the drop fender design of the Dodge Ram pickup or the Durango front grill was designed to mimic the look of predators. "A strong animal has a big jaw, that's why we put big fenders, 'Rapaille says.

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