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The Cotton Gin

             A young inventer named Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in April 1793. He was a tutor at a Georgia plantation,Whitney over heard the planters discussing the problem of seperating the cotton from the seeds imbedded in the cotton ball. They told him how they would cut there hands on the seeds all the time. unlike Upland cotton which could be grown overmuch of the south, but it was extremely difficult to clean. Sea Island cotton was easier to clean (remove seeds), but it grew only along the coast.
             Whitneys machine was called a cotton gin. It was a box with a hand-cranked cylinder that fed the cotton through narrow slots, wide enough for the cotton to come through, but too small for the seeds to come through. The seeds would drop to the bottom and out of the way. With this machine what had taken months to do before with one person could be done in one day.
             Combined with the recent opening of the first cotton mill (business that turned raw cotton into useable thread and cloth) in the United States,the cotton gin led to an explosion in the production of and demand for cotton. In 1972, the United States produced 10,000 bales of cotton. In 1825, the cotton states produced 533,000 bales of cotton. Cotton plantations began to pop up from the coast of Georgia to Mississippi. Then the price of the slaves increased because of there high demand.It bacame clear that it was going to take a long time for the south to give up slavory.

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