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Research Paper - Depression

            Depression is probably one of the worst feelings you could imagine, and I should know. I struggled with mild to severe depression for about two years in secret, I didn't get help or anything, and I didn't want it. I learned about it on my own, learned the cause and effects and how to overcome it. Research has shown that the levels of young people with depression or anxiety is sky rocketing. And most cases it has to do with schools. The pressure to get things done on time, having too much work is handed to them in one sitting, and the students who pick and bully each other doesn't help, and they don't know how to overcome it. Teachers are expected to help the students going through the problems, but usually don't. They ignore the problem even when they see it right in front of them. More studies show that schools start way too early. This study has shown that the brain is not ready to work properly until about 10:00am. Students today have the same stress and anxiety levels as the mental patients did in the 1950's. .
             Depression is a condition in which a person feels sad, hopeless, or isn't really motivated to do anything. If these feelings last for more than two weeks it will start to affect your daily life. Doing things like school, work, spending time with family or friends, even a loved one, it won't be the same. There are different levels of depression. Major depression, bipolar disorder, and dysthymia, which can all lead to an anxiety disorder as well. Not fun, I know. Major depression has about five symptoms over a two week period. These moods may only happen once or twice in a person's lifetime, or they can happen randomly. When a loved one dies, you experience a breakup or are diagnosed with an illness. In very extreme cases of Major Depression, one may take their own life to escape the never ending feeling of sadness. .
             There is also Persistent Depressive Disorder, which lasts for about two years.

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