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Barriers to Political Transformation and Democracy in Iraq

            An important topic in international politics today is if Iraq has the ability to politically succeed. Judging by their present democratic and military standing; Iraq seems to be headed in the wrong direction. The westernized view of political success or democracy is still in reach but Iraqi citizens must overcome a number of problems before it can be effectively achieved. Although a political transformation to a westernized style of democracy may never be fully accomplishable because of the differing culture and social norms, Iraqi citizens still must strive for their government to conquer these difficulties.
             There are four main problems in Iraq that have proven to be roadblocks in their fight for democracy. Foremost, the ongoing feud between the Sunni, Shia and Kurdish peoples in various regions throughout the country has played a major role in the government's ability to control Iraq. Another problem Iraq faces is the behavior of terrorist groups or organizations such as the infamous Al-Qaeda. These groups are causing constant chaos, which makes it harder difficult for political parties to attempt to rebuild any infrastructure that remains after the ruling of Sadam Hussein. Thirdly, the Iraqi population has never experienced a truly democratic political system. This contorts their perception of what a stable, autonomous government looks like. The expectations of these people stay the same because of their lack of experience with a democratic governing body. To the best of their knowledge, their knowledge, their next leader will be as corrupt as those who came before him. Lastly, the most crucial barrier to political transformation in Iraq is that the idea of Iraqi democracy being more of an international mandate rather than a national choice for the population of Iraq. Democracy can only be successful in countries or states that decide to act against their overpowering governments or political regimes.

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