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The Farm: Agnes the Waitress

            In the work called The Farm by Sherman Alexie, there is one of the main characters named Agnes, and throughout this work, you can see Agnes try to find the good in the situation but is overcome in the end by the bad around her. Her point of view in The Farm is an important one as it shows the other side of the story Charlie the cook is telling about how he feels bad that he has to have sex with 5 Indian woman a day. (Alexie 4) .
             Agnes the waitress is first mentioned by Jonah, as he speaks about how every Indian remembers where they were when the cure for cancer was announced. He mentions Charlie the cook and Agnes the waitress all running from the Tribal Café in hopes of getting over the border. The quote that stood out that made it very clear how much hope they had for this trip was "So Agnes, Charlie and I jumped into my old car and prayed it would save us like that famous ark" (Alexie 2) This quote shows the desperation and the hope that they would not be killed or caught by the white men. This really speaks to the tone of this first chapter as some would say. .
             On page five, Agnes has her own section where it's from her point of view as she speaks about how the Indian men come to her as they are supposed to and she tries to comfort them with a smile. She tries to keep her honor as she parts her legs for her. She talks about how she tries to show them love because she understands that they're forced to enter her and then moves on to talking about the other women how some decide to hate then men, some don't acknowledge them within the act and how some cry constantly. Agnes, takes a different approach. She kisses their necks she always surprises them with that because I can only imagine the men are no longer used to genuine intimacy. She mentions her memory loss between a "Beautiful man" and an "Ugly man" the women do not get to really choose what they are given between the men.

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