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Semiotics in Advertising

            Advertisements are promotional methods that companies and organizations tend to use in transmitting messages to the public. The purpose of the advertisement can be to support a product which will boost its sales, to introduce a new idea people are not familiar with, and to support a campaign's good cause. Advertisements usually carry two messages a visible message that is reflected in the text, colors, and images on the advertisement and these are referred to as the signifiers. Therefore, anything that is visible on the advertisement is considered a signifier. The second form of messages an advertisement can carry is the encrypted message. The encrypted message of an advertisement is commonly the deeper message that is decoded by public. Each person in society is capable of decoding a message in an advertisement differently, because the transition from the denotation form of the message to the connotation form rely on various factors. When an audience is faced with an advertisement that they find trouble decoding this might be because of cultural differences, language barriers or the specificity of the advertisement to certain groups of people. .
             Moreover, a certain advertisement is made to address specific areas of the world because the products they promote are only present there. Several weeks back the colors of a dress made a conflict on social media platforms and a social storm erupted of whether the dress's color was blue and black or white and gold. Several hours later people from all across the planet were sharing the picture of this dress trying to figure out its real color. After the dress's story became so common among people the salvation army, which is a charitable organization, decided to utilize the dress's social popularity in the charity's marketing campaign. The advertisement contains a blond woman laying down on her side wearing the famous dress in its gold and white version and she's covered with bruises on her eyes and knees.

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