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The Modernization of America

            The United States of America has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Before the 1800s the country of 51-states was seen as a land with small opportunity, little power and mediocre wealth compared to the world power it is today, however, the growth and modernization of The United States steadily had an uprising after several occurrences, which I will touch upon and how it has possibly affected the country.
             The first event to be discussed is the civil war, more known in the history books as The American Civil War, a war in the 1860s that was to determine whether the survival of the union; known as the North, or the independence for the confederacy, which was the south. By the time of 1861 there were 34 states, in which seven southern slave states had declared their separation from the States and formed what was at the time, the Confederate States of America. The confederate states expanded with additional states and western territories. The states that did not separate were known as the Union. The South was once heavily run by the plantation economy and was one of the foremost important reasons to why the population had a slow rate of increase. Plantations originated from Brazil and were used to exploit the agricultural potential of their and other new colonies. The plantation business spread overseas and had reached the South by 1695. This large area of land used for crops was the slaves' work place. They grew numerous crops including, tobacco, rice, sugar and corn, but the real money maker was the cotton. Although, plantations had made a move into the south, the primary reason of the war all began with slavery and the idea of having slavery crossed into the west. The demand for slaves went up the roof after cotton gin was invented. As products from plantations were demanded more, it would only be self-explanatory that the price for every slave would increase. In the past, south had millions of black slaves put to hard labor, unlike the North, where slavery was illegal.

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