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Curse of the Black Death

            The Black Death was thought to be a punishment from God, a consequence for the sins committed by people who were infected. The Black Death is more scientifically known as the Bubonic Plague, which is a bacterium called Yersinia pestis (Man and Disease 1). There are many symptoms of The Black Death, such as; feeling generally ill, muscular pains, seizures and many more, (Plague 1). Even though it did not wipe out everyone, "The Black Death killed roughly thirty-percent of Europe's population of the fourteenth-century," (Lords and Ladies 1). There were many contributing factors that helped The Black Death evolve so rapidly and wipeout that much of Europe's population, it affected their economy in horrible ways and it had devastating effects on the Catholic church.
             There were a lot of factors that helped contribute to the evolution of The Black Death. One of the key factors was that during the Elizabethan Era people had weak immune systems. With people having weak immune systems, this helped the disease infect people faster and easier causing a faster widespread throughout England. Another factor was that a lot of people were poor and could not afford to have skilled friars or apothecaries give them the medicines needed to fight off The Black Death. Which in turn, made them untreatable to The Black Death and theoretically caused more infections of the disease. Even with all the troubling factors, there were a lot of effects that had come along with The Black Death, (Lords and Ladies 1).
             There were a lot of effects that came along with The Black Death, mostly economical effects. One major economic effect caused bywas that due to The Black Death during the fourteenth century was work wages rose. This affected people dramatically, it made it so that people had to pay more for work. Therefore, business owners and employers lost more money and could not pay for medications needed to vaccinate themselves and their families.

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