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The Confinements of Society

            In today's world politics impact everything whether people notice it or not. This big role that politics plays in life gives many a narrow-minded view. The people within the parties of politics have their views, some being more extreme then others. Most have an unwillingness to see further than their own vision of ideas. The mindset of only having one view, one thought, or one opinion about a topics leads to very little consideration of others. People need to be able to advance past their own ideas and see the views that have been left unknown in order to discover all the possibilities. Stories are much like life when considering interpretation. A few people may read the same books, poems, and articles but end up with a different result of their connections to one another. For example, John Krakauer's story Into the Wild displays the resistance of fitting into society and all of its confinements by the main character Chris McCandless. This character's decision to forget the ideology of society and live alone sends him into the wild.
             Chris thought that his view led to greatness and what society needed, but in the end it just kept him alone. Krakauer was not the only one that had conveyed ideas of individualism. Emily Dickinson was a nonconformist for her time. She was a woman who wrote poetry about love and all the things that went along with it. In the 1850s to 1860s it was not the normal thing for a woman to write about. That topic was not the only one she had written about though. In one of her poems, "Sanity," she wrote about how those who had dared to be different were the ones not treated well by society. Society needed and stills needs her individualistic approach on writing and life. Although Into the Wild was a more physical form of individualism, Emily Dickinson was still a representation of this theme. Individualism is a main part of what allows people to express their own views, leaving the rest of the world with options to think about.

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