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Misuses of Simple Notification Services (SNS)

            If we were to list the factors that characterize this modern world, the use of the Internet would surely come up at or near the top. Of particular interest recently is the increasing popularity of SNS, with its ever growing impacts on our society, while presenting new challenges for us. In my opinion, the main problems of exchanging information through the Internet include the possibility of privacy violations and other misuses, and the long-term damaging effects on the quality of human relationships. The efforts to address this issue should include social movements and practical steps taken to reduce the chances of misuses. .
             The main side-effect in the processes of circulating information through SNS is that many people can use them anonymously, and thus abuse the services for wrong purposes while violating the privacy rights of others. The problems of cyber-bullying can shed light on this point insightfully; the processes of "internet shaming" and "witch-hunting" can take place without solid grounds, and some can end up as helpless victims of these new forms of "terrorism" on the Internet. There are also reports that the availability of SNS increases the chances of students engaging in school bullying and socially excluding targeted classmates. This problem is compounded by the fact that the indiscriminate exchanges of information through so many SNS's will eventually lead to more and more instantaneous, temporary, and vicarious relationships among people. As the ease of sharing all kinds of personal information and expanding social networks increases, so will the indirect and non-binding nature of interpersonal connections. When we consider the unethical or even illegal uses of some "chatting apps" on mobile phones that enable instant meetings among people, this problematic aspect becomes quite evident. Continued use of those services in such ways can eventually render people less appreciative of their relationships, increasing the transient nature of connections among people in general.

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