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War World II and the Atomic Bomb

            August sixth, 1945 a devastating day for some and a victorious day for others. August 6th was the day the United States government chose to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima and in one flash the world was introduced to the new atomic age. The United States and the Soviet Union were in an arms race to produce nuclear weapons and finally President Truman made the decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan, resulting in countless causalities and serious injuries. With something as detrimental as the atomic bomb it is often hard to be the devil's advocate and see the opposite side of popular opinion. Many were against the use of the bomb and many protested it, but this might actually have be the best decision the United States government could have made and has saved many lives from the very second it was first dropped. Because of our government dropping the atomic bomb we have been able to make military advancements that would never have been fathomed before and we have been able to make political advancements that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to make. .
             In 1941, just a short time after Albert Einstein had warned the current president Theodore Roosevelt, that the Germans were looking to produce an extremely destructive bomb. "Because of fear of being out gunned and because of the occasional usefulness of the idea of massive retaliation," (HIST, 436) the United States began their own research to develop their own such bomb, which would eventually become the atomic bomb. The research, studying and testing of this atomic bomb received the code name the Manhattan project. President Truman was the one who made the decision to use the atomic bomb, and one of the most admirable things about president Truman was that despite the scrutiny of the use of the atomic bomb, he stood his ground in the decision he made, he didn't try to push it onto someone else to better his popularity with the people as he quotes, "Let there be no mistake about it.

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