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The Evolution of Diplomacy

            Diplomacy generally means that forming relation with other countries or other non-state actor by using various ways. To do diplomacy one country must have their own representative as a connection from the country to form a diplomatic relation with other countries. Diplomacy usually used in order to manage or to expand the state national interest to other countries. As we know, diplomacy has been existed since the ancient time and has been used successfully by many empires in their territory in order to sustain and protect their countries. Not only that from my observation, ancient diplomacy is actually has been as platform for modern diplomacy in this modern era of globalization. In other words, diplomacy has evolved to become a dynamic practice of diplomacy.
             Diplomacy evolved to become a dynamic practice of diplomacy because from the ancient time of diplomacy, many empire or many countries has using diplomacy to practice and applied their national interest to other countries. However, it can be said that diplomacy is actually remaining their old forms because there are not much differences between the ancient time of diplomacy and today's modern diplomacy. If we look at the ancient time of diplomacy for example in the era of Islamic empire, the Muslims have used diplomacy to expand their territory and protect their national interest as well as to form an alliance with other states or territories. From this, it is important to practice diplomacy in forming relation with other countries to maintain and ensure the peacefulness between states. Same goes to the nowadays method of diplomacy. In order to protect and promote as well as practice our national interest, diplomacy is very important. This is because by diplomacy we can negotiate and discuss with other representative of foreign states for the sake of our national interest. In addition, negotiation is one of the type of diplomacy which is very suitable to use because through negotiation both countries will get their own benefits and the issues or problems can be solve smooth and peaceful without having a war or conflicts.

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