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Mansa Musa in the 13th Century

            During the 13th Century, the great Mali Empire became quite powerful. Although there may have been numerous factors leading up to the uprising, their distinctive leader took a large toll. As they began to rise, Mansa Musa was responsible for a mass majority of it all. He was known to be the most iconic king that has ever ruled the Empire of Mali. We know much of this era from Arab writers who have written an immense amount about him in archived writing, compared to other rulers before and after his time. Considering the quantity of writing known to have included Mansa, it indicates how significant this one individual must have impacted the Mali Empire compared to any other. .
             Thanks to him, Mali was able to extend their boundaries tremendously, as well as create a powerful and potent all around government. Expansion in the North and East became a great goal, thus capturing Walata and Timbuktu. As a result, Mali not only grew, but became one of the vastest commercial and educational centers. They included buildings such as mosques, learning centers, as well as the Hall of Audience, which were all exquisite, artistic, and creative. One of his well known buildings was known to as the Djinguereber Mosque, which continues to stand in today's society. .
             Along with the greatness he served politically, many citizens agreed that Mansa Musa approached everyone with equality, even the lower class. Along with healthy approaches, Mansa reached out to the law in a unfamiliar technique as no other before his time. He influenced scribes, judges, officials, as well as civil servants to aid him. With that being said, his significant method played a huge role for the Empire of Mali, and is discussed to have been one of the largest impacts even after his death. As he made massive changes in the field of politics and economics, Mansa also provided comfort and justice for all who looked up to him in his Empire.

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