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Justification Through the Word of God

            Throughout the world's history, a defining factor amongst most cultures has been its religious doctrine. Within these doctrines, a common set of beliefs were established which paved the way into a more cohesive and integrated religious culture. These doctrines established a body of religious principles or teachings as a way of controlling the behaviors of the people within a given culture. As with most institutions, a leader is necessary within the religious belief system to represent and spread the spoken Word of God, as well as to ensure that these doctrines continue to be fulfilled by its followers. In doing so, the people gained a reason to refrain from primitive urges out of fear of consequences.1 These doctrines provided a moral compass for society, thus lending to the notion that government not only was strongly influenced by religion structurally, but morally as well. This element becomes a recurring theme in a great portion of religious texts, especially in the Bible and the Koran, both of which are celebrated in a wide construct as being among the main sources of religious literature. .
             The Bible and the Koran hold explanations for the origin of man, the belief of monotheism (belief in one God), and the purpose for living a sinless life. These notions are widely examined through the forms of narratives and parables. Both holy books have common themes, stories and/or parables featuring similar characters. However, despite their similarities, they differ in meaning and interpretation. Both are God's Word for Man, but have a different interpretation of accounts. On one hand, the Bible is a historical account of God's plan for humanity.2 Written through the eyes of simple men known as the Apostles, rather then written from the direct figures in the stories.3 On the other hand, the Koran is based on the revelations and teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, and his message is taken in the literal sense because it came directly from him through Gods Angel of Gabriel.

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