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Short Story - The Tale of Rythian

            A man, a boy, and a girl were walking down a path they had lost track of time completely decided to camp under a giant tree for the night the boy his is the young prince Rythian and with him is Sir Ezio the commander of the Templar knights and the young girl her name was Jasmine and she was born in the city of Hydrax but cast out into the woods as a child and she grew up living off of the land. the princes father brought the land back from the edge off civil war and brought peace to the land but the king has been murdered by the kings high priest who turns out to be the leader of the order of the Demiurge and as they went to murder Rythian in his sleep they found him to be on his balcony looking at the stars "good evening my prince aren't the stars lovely tonight" said the priest "yes but their beauty is nothing but a shadow compared to the beauty of Jasmine" said Rythian, "Oh ok. wait who is Jasmine my prince?" asked the priest curiously. "She is my love, my gem, my queen she is that beautiful Archibald," Rythian told Archibald to his surprise. "Will I get to meet this beautiful Jasmine?" asked Archibald closing in on the prince with a poisoned dagger behind his back then Ezio burst into the room and said "my prince your father has bee, "Look out he has a knife," "Attack the infidel prince," roared Archibald "Now!" yelled Rythian and Jasmine climbs over the ledge and cuts the priest with her own poisoned blade "come on my dear we have to leave this place" said Jasmine "Agreed my Prin. King we have to retreat" Ezio agreed.
             As they sat down at the campsite Ezio went away to collect some wood and while Ezio was gone Jasmine and Rythian were talking about when they were younger for Jasmine is 17 and Rythian is 18 whilst Ezio is 30, "remember the day we found you Jasmine all alone and scared?" asked Rythian.

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