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Beats By Dre - Commercial Analysis

            While parents try to be the biggest role models in their child's lives, sports figures and music stars are just as prominent in their child's life, whether parents approve of this or not. The marketing department at Beats By Dre realized this, combining music and sports to launch a commercial big enough to match the event it was promoting. On June 5th, 2014 Beats By Dre released a mega-commercial that clocked in at just over five minutes. Titled, "The Game Before The Game," the commercial focuses on Neymar, a professional soccer player for Brazil, and his preparation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, and before this year's World Cup, all eyes were on Neymar. By using the ethos already associated with Neymar and the World Cup, Beats by Dre caught the eye of millions while promoting their super high-end headphones.
             Athletes worldwide take preparation for games very seriously, from high school football to professional soccer at the World Cup. To almost all athletes, music plays a vital role in preparation, allowing athletes to put themselves in "the zone." The commercial includes Neymar's preparation leading up to the World Cup, all made conveniently possible by his Dre Beats headphones. For the first minute of the commercial, Neymar is talking on the phone with his father, discussing the pressure to preform at the highest stage, the same pressure every athlete feels before his or her games. While the commercial doesn't say it, audiences will realize the presence of a microphone on the headphones, allowing Neymar to talk with his father hands-free. While this is not a major selling point for Beats, it is probably good that a pair of headphones that cost $299 include a microphone. While Neymar is taking to his father, everything around him is silent, with no background noise. This may be a subtle, successful attempt to hint at the noise-cancelation features on Dre Beats, something that is one of its major selling points.

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