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University of Scranton - Creation Story

            In the beginning, when God created the University of Scranton, the city was rich with coal and very profitable mining businesses. The businesses became so successful Scranton obtained the nickname, "The Electric City", because it provided other areas with mass amounts of fossil fuels. Within the city were railroads that allowed for the sale and shipment of fuels. This became a symbol of the cities hard work and dedication to the industry. As Scranton continued to experience success, God believed there was still something missing from the city. Despite the fact that the people of Scranton were enjoying their lives and finding much success in their business God knew the city was not maximizing its true potential. God commanded, "Let there be a university" and the University of Scranton appeared. The area for the university was split from the rest of the city and that was the first day. .
             Once the area for the university was decided God created the class buildings. God knew that for the U of S to be successful the classrooms were the most important part. Big, beautiful buildings were designed with the most up-to-date technology. These buildings provided students with more then enough outlets to learn and achieve the highest level of success. God organized the class buildings and that was the second day. After God constructed the breathtaking class buildings, he realized once the students left the classrooms they needed a place to study the new skills they were recently taught. God then decided to build a library. The massive library had 5 floors that were filled with research books, computer labs, study rooms and lounge areas. The library was magnificent and unlike anything ever before it. With the creation of the class buildings and library God privileged U of S students with more then enough tools to become as successful as possible. That was the third day. .
             Upon the completion of the academic buildings and library there needed to be a place to house the massive influx of students.

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