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Novel Summary: Candide

            The novel, "Candide," starts at the castle of the high and mighty Baron of Thunder-ten-tronckh in Westphalia. The Baron who is one of the most influential lords has a fat wife, a beautiful daughter, Cunegonde, and a son not mentioned. In addition, there are more residents who are the protagonist of this novel Candide and his tutor Doctor Pangloss. The wise preceptor is a great philosopher majored in metaphysico, theologico, cosmolo, and nigology. His great and enormous knowledge affect Caddie`s values. One day, in accident, he falls in love with Cunegonde while observing her experiments with the tutor, and then he kisses with her behind a screen after dinner. At that moment, the Baron beholds that situation. The result of the happening, he is kicked away from the castle. After exiling from the castle, he wanders any neighboring town where his feet lead with hunger and fatigue in extremely cold. At the entrance of an inn, two uniformed guys who are Bulgarian soldiers are willing to pay for his foods and give enough money, and them they propose a toast to the health of the Bulgarian king. This accidental meeting makes him to be placed in rifles and taken to the regiment, but he suffers from endless train and beating mortally. He decides to escape, but he is caught by fellow heroes before even he run away enough. He is offered a choice between beaten unmercifully for thirty six hours by all of the troops and shot. He chooses an assault punishment. It causes he is more dead than alive. At that moment, the Bulgarian king appears, gives remission, and let him cure in better environment. After three weeks later, he recovers his health enough to join his regiment against Abarians. While Abarian and Bulgarian kings are having their Te Deums sung, he passes by heaps of the dead at one of Abarian village. There are mass executions under the pretext of the international rules. Escapeway for innocent people exist nowhere.

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