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Health Insurance Woes

            I am interested in the subject of health insurance, because I have experienced first hand, the restrictions and limitations that health insurance companies place on services available to the patient. Five weeks ago, while in Mexico I became ill. Initially, I thought it was food poisoning, but when my symptoms persisted after three weeks, I began to think it was more than just food poisoning. I went to the primary care physician several times and gave numerous blood, urine and stool samples, yet the primary care physician still had no diagnosis. So then, my primary care physician referred me to a Gastrointerologist that was supposedly part of my insurance plan. I was not able to get an appointment until January 28th, but what other choice did I have? I made appointment with him. Then two days later, I received a call from his office, they no longer accepted my insurance and if I wanted the doctor to examine me, I would have to pay out of my own pocket. So there I was, back at square one. I went back to my primary care physician; she took some more tests and then referred me to another Gastrointerologist. I went to make an appointment, but the earliest they had available was February 11th. I took the appointment, as there were no other alternatives, no other doctors that were part of my "plan". So here I am, still sick, waiting to see a Gastrointerologist just to get a diagnosis. I personally feel failed by the United States health insurance system. Another reason that I am interested in the health insurance system is because I want to become a doctor in the future. I will then be even more so affected by the United States health insurance system and individual insurance companies" polices.
             I think that the health insurance system is in definite need of a reform. I have heard that some insurance companies actually pay doctors to not run certain costly tests on patients and also place limitations on the amount of tests that can be performed.

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