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Thailand - The Sukhothai Kingdom

            Before the Sulhothai Kingdom was founded, Sukhothai was under control of Khmer empire. In 1237, the ruler of Sukhothai was drive out the Khmer empire and set up an independent Thai Kingdom called "Sukhothai Kingdom," and after drive out the Khmer empire, Sukhothai was expanded their power to all directions by the first king of Sukhothai name "Sri Inthrathit." In Sukhothai period the king had developed the nation by setting the rules to manage the social, economy, religion and government. But, after 1584, Sukhothai was occurred the important situation that some groups of nobleman were fought over to take the power over the king and Sukhothai was collapsed by that cause.
             Government System.
             In the period of king Ramkamheang, the government system of this period was paternalistic that the king would be treated the people like father and son that when someone had the problem, they can rang the bell in front of the palace to ask for the king's help. The king would adjudged by himself. But, in the period of King Maha Dhamma Raja I, the government system was changed to Dhamma Raja system that King Maha Dhamma Raja I was used the moral of Buddha to rule the government system. .
             Economic System.
             The main occupation of Thai people in that period was about the agriculture, craft and trading.
             Agriculture: The main products from this occupation were about rice, fruits, vegetable. Moreover, they also feed animals for working.
             Thai people invented many tools to respond their life such as knife, axe, spade, shovel for their craft work and agriculture. They also created the sculpture such as jar, dishes, tea cup, pot, basketry or etc. to decorate their house or sell to the other countries that came into Thailand in Sukhothai period. The material of construction was invented in this period also such as laterite, brick. Some craft as chinaware also exported to the other countries as the important and valuable things.

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