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Immigration and Mexican Migrant Workers

            Mexican migrant workers have played a crucial role in the economy of the United States; there has always been a heavy flow of legal and illegal immigrants with the hopes of finding a happier life in the U.S. These immigrants face great struggles in finding a well-suited job to help them financially provide for their families. Consequently, they resort to low-income jobs working in the fields to earn an income. I'm interested in why these migrant workers cannot find a job in Mexico and need to come to California and the physical and mental problems that result from working in the fields. I've wanted to know if the people that are hiring these migrant workers abuse them or not. What is "licensed migrant farmworker housing" in California like? I'm pretty sure that most migrant workers live in bad conditions but I'd want to know more information, such as how clean their homes are or if cleaning water actually run through the house. Lastly, while these migrant workers are working for different types of companies, do they assure their workers with beneficial support such as medical insurance and food stamps? It's all a question of whether or not help for these workers is provided.
             When crossing the border, migrant workers could either go to California or another state that will support them. Roughly, "56 percent work in crop agriculture, and the remaining 44 percent work in livestock. Roughly 37 percent of all hired farmworkers live in the Southwest (which includes California), and 25 percent live in the Midwest region. Also, in California, 99 percent of farmworkers are located in metro areas rather than non-metro areas" [(United States Department of Agriculture)]. That's a lot of workers that are working in fields that most Americans do not want to do. While working for these high-end companies, these workers barely get enough pay for them to survive. Whenever I go to Mexico, I would see a lot of Mexicans working high-skilled jobs, such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, and in construction.

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