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Immigration of My Family

            My dad came from Ghana, to America, in 2001, with my mother and I. When we were still in Ghana, my dad worked at the Bank of Ghana. He was being paid, very well at the time. In Ghana, we lived in a very nice house, even though most people think that African houses are all made of mud. My mother was a house wife. My dad came back from work at 5:00, and went to church at 6:00. Then, he got a letter saying that he won the lottery, for a school he applied for in America, and that he was able to come, expenses paid. At that time, he was very happy, because, he got a chance to further his education. I didn't have any emotion at that time, because I was too young to understand what was going on. So, the journey had just started. First, he had to quit his job, and we had to pack for the trip to America. My parents thought that they would come back to Africa, but then, they thought, let's just start afresh. We went to the airport. We boarded the plane, and we set out to America. 14 hours later, we finally got to America, and we didn't know what to do, or where to go. So, we settled for a hotel for a couple days. .
             My parents had to get some phones with service, so they can call relatives back in Ghana, and tell them that we came here in one piece. After that, one of my dad's good friends lived in New Jersey, so she said that we could be her roommates, and that we can stay there for a while. My parents were overjoyed, and happy that they could find a place to settle, so my dad could start going to school. But, my parents had to find a job. My dad found a job at a hotel, as the front desk clerk, and my mom found a job at a local bakery. So, after some time, my dad started going to school. He didn't have his license, so a friend had to drive him. But, after my dad almost finishing his time at the university, his friend got jealous, and stopped driving him because my dad was going to get a better job than he will.

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