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Supernatural and Gothic Elements in Jane Eyre

            In spite of having well-developed brains, multifaceted technologies and centuries of technical development, the human species still are a frightened, superstitious lot. Superstitions and belief in the supernatural have been our constant companions throughout. Superstitions and supernatural, it seems, are two things that connects all of human race throughout history and across cultural segregations. Like every other race, the Victorians were a superstitious set of people too. Although, the Victorian age ranging from 1886 perhaps was one of the most industrious of their time. The discovery and invention of the steam engine as well as the abrupt and accelerated advancement of science provided to be the catalyst of revolution in Victorian lives as well as their beliefs. As their lifestyles became more reliant on the "rationalism" of science and its "solid principals", a bizarre attitude started to materialize in the general public; as it had started to become obvious that 'religion was being substituted by science'. The Victorian society seemed frightened almost paranoid of the recent inventions. Historians argue that the Victorians had always been superstitious even prior to the industrial upheaval. That in particular ignited their thoughts when new "machines" started to wander the domain.
             Since the Victorian era saw the desertion of conservative religion, the advantage of this fear and the sweeping change proved to be a critical contributing aspect for authors if they were to make their work an achievement. The authors wrote the stories with gothic fiction intertwined in them cleverly all because there was a huge target audience at the time as its controversial and notorious themes appealed to many. Coming towards "Jane Eyre", when analyzing the novel, one cannot fall short to observe the apparent strange ambiance which for some reason seems partly there as an effort to terrify the reader.

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