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Poetry Analysis -The Mistress and On His Blindness

            This comparative essay deems to analyze the similarities and differences of the shared themes between West Indian poet, Jane King's "The Mistress" and English poet, John Milton's "On His Blindness" via the close reference to how imagery, form and figurative language assisted in the development of such themes. Jane King is a West Indian poet who born in the year 1952 in the island of Saint Lucia. On the contrary, John Milton is an English poet born in London in the year 1608 and died 1674. Additionally, John Milton lost his vision before middle age in February 1652 which proposed the idea of penning "On His Blindness". .
             "The Mistress" by Jane King and "On His Blindness" by John Milton both presents the lives of a woman and a man, respectively via first person narration. Both individuals encounter tribulations that initiate feelings of hopelessness and depression. However, both personas maintain their pride and strive to fulfil their duties as they come to terms with the realization and acceptance of the struggles that has plagued their lives. Firstly, the themes of both "The Mistress" and "On His Blindness" shall be revealed and discussed. Contrasting themes of both poems are sorrow and patience. The wife in "The Mistress" endures the sorrow because of her husband's infidelities of pursuing an affair with his mistress but still continues to fulfil a wife's duties without giving up. Instead, she maintains her pride and patience throughout such a heart-wrenching ordeal as in lines 7-9, 'I have tried to keep our house going, against my inclination.' Likewise, "On His Blindness", poet John Milton becomes visually impaired at a fairly early stage of his life and doubts his ability to fulfil and continue his work for God thus enduring sorrow but receives answers from God that teaches him about patience.

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