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Shooting an Elephant - George Orwell

            George Orwell, Author of" Shooting an Elephant". Began by stating and opinion of the Burmese natives saying," (He was hated by large number of people") Orwell 133. Including the young monks. Orwell was a police officer that hated his job in the city of Burma. And had death in his hands when he decided to kill the poor Elephant which is selfish in his part, all he did was show what kind of a coward he is. In this article we can see how Burma and Burmese politics have been connected to religion. Ultimately we see that Burmese monks were never scared of a little trouble, Just to shield against unfairness, depression and exploration on the country this is the ultimate sacrifice they made for peace on Earth. The monks are gift to society.
             Orwell says" He was obvious target and was baited whenever the Burman feels it was safe. But in the second paragraph Orwell says" He was all for the Burmese because he hated British "Orwell 134. Then again this article was written after Orwell left Burma. My theory is this isn't entirely true. Orwell felt embarrassed when he was targeted by a crowd of Burmese natives when he was tripped off the soccer field. Orwell was tripped more than once in the city of Burma it never gotten better, It was getting worse everywhere he went He was getting screeched at every street corner like some of Animal, But the reason he was getting hated on by so many was he race and he was European. In the 1920s Orwell was serving as an imperial police officer for transportation for the country Britain. Unfortunately transportation was something the city of Burma lacked. So the migration rate in Burma would be in the Bottom. The rest of the population of Moulmein the city of Mon state would be full of Mon people.
             The whole event occurred in the Mon state, Orwell said he was all for the Burmese. The article further on showed that Orwell didn't care about the Burmese people, He only wanted there approval of him and nothing more.

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