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Charlemagne's Empire and the Balance of Power

            Charlemagne is arguably one of the most influential leaders of the eighth and ninth centuries. He called himself King David, as David had united Israel in earlier years. Also known as Charles the Great, he used the great wealth and strong military power that he inherited from his father to grow his empire. Charlemagne was able to unite the various Germanic tribes of the nations he conquered for multiple reasons. With a tall stature, independent attitude, and strong appearance, he gained respect from his people, as well as other nations and rulers. Because of his desire to expand both his and his everyone else's education, Charlemagne was seen as a wise leader that his people could trust. He spread religion throughout his empire effectively, but through political force. .
             Known to many as the "Father of Europe", Charlemagne was large and strong, and his appearance was always stately and dignified (Doc 1). Charlemagne was a very open person as a ruler as well as in his personal life; which is an excellent quality of a strong ruler. He invited up to 100 others into his bath (Doc 1) showing that Charlemagne was popular with others, not just family; and was generally well liked. Respect from his people also came from his self- restraint and will power. Charlemagne wouldn't overindulge in food, drinks, or over the top celebrations as many rulers did (Doc 2). Will power shows the strength Charlemagne possessed in himself and in his empire. This quality would prove essential to uniting the Germanic tribes. Not only did Charlemagne have great respect from his people, but also from other nations and rulers. He formed great relations with King Alfonso II of Galicia (Doc 8), as well as other nations. They all¬†viewed him as a lord and thought very highly of him. He would send those rulers gifts and perfumes; and would receive gifts, as well as respect in return (Doc. 8). Being on good terms with other nations would prevent conflict, and keep his empire strong.

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