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Dracula - Anti Christ

            A chief reoccurring theme throughout Bram Stoker's Dracula is religion. Stoker presents Dracula as the anti-Christ by strategically placing bits of superstition and Christianity throughout the text in order to make the reader gradually come to the understanding of whom Dracula represents. This paper will focus on the key aspects of Dracula as well as two events in the novel in order to make obvious Stoker's intent to symbolize Dracula as the anti-Christ. .
             Dracula seems to be as old as religion itself. His confirmation as a satanic figure is revealed by his consumption of blood, and is most evidently shown by his physical form. Stoker gives him long sharp fangs, red fiery eyes and pointed ears. He holds quite a few abilities that Christians award strictly to God. For example, Dracula can control animals and the weather, as well change form. It is in his horrific actions that we realize that he embodies the opposite of the Christian Lord, or Christ. Christians deem that the consumption of God's body and blood (through communion) will give them everlasting life with God in heaven. Dracula consumes blood in order to remain undead and have strength. This action not only illustrates the opposition of the two figures in purpose - one gives and one takes - but also shows that Dracula is bypassing God and going to humans for his restoration in life after death. Dracula thus shuns God as the supplier of life. .
             There are numerous instances were Stoker makes clear Dracula's true persona. One marvelous example is in the beginning of the novel when Jonathan cuts himself shaving and Dracula dives for his throat, but stops at the site of Jonathan's crucifix. On Jonathan's journey to get to Dracula's castle he was given a crucifix from an innkeeper's wife warning him on Saint George's day "all the evil things in the world will have full sway."(12) and pleas for him to wear it ""for your mothers sake.

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