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Aristotles's Poetics: The Wrong Trousers

            For this week's assignment, we were asked to watch the film The Wrong Trousers. Created by Nick Park and Aardman Animations, The Wrong Trousers was the second short film featuring characters Wallace and Gromit released in the year of 1993. As part of this week's assignment we were asked to breakdown this short Claymation film into the categories of Aristotle's Poetics such as: defining the hero and their tragic flaw, the turning point in their life, their quest, resolution to their problems, and the definition of denouement as related to the film. .
             Opening with the celebration of Gromit's birthday, Wallace gives him the gift of "Techno Trousers." Possessing an endless amount of properties, there were no other robotic pants like them. After gifting Gromit these techno trousers, Wallace decides to reduce the increasing monthly debt by renting out a room. Their new house tenant, Feathers McGraw, quickly takes an interest in the new technological gadget, seeing as Gromit doesn't like them for the original intended walks with Wallace. Immediately after moving in, Feathers takes a dislike to Gromit, while he and Wallace seem to become best buddies. Therefore, Gromit decides to run away from home. The morning after Gromit leaves, Wallace is in a predicament. After having the techno trousers become re-wired Wallace is forced to make several jaunts across town, and during one of the jaunts he ran into Gromit. Gromit had come to the conclusion that Wallace's new tenant wasn't who he appeared to be after seeing a wanted poster. McGraw planned to tire out Wallace as quickly as he possibly could because he had ulterior motives. It turns out Feathers McGraw was actually a conniving chicken, by disguising his identity and pretending to be an innocent penguin. He was a well known thief, who later on that night snuck an exhausted Wallace into a museum to pull off a diamond heist. Using the feet of the techno trousers to climb the ceiling and enter the building upside down, the claw from Wallace's helmet successfully clutched the diamond.

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