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Incarcerations and Wrongful Executions

             It is difficult to visualize a greater injustice than the incarceration or, even worse, execution of an innocent individual. Particularly within our criminal justice system, which significances to be accepted as a basic principle that it is better than that of ten guilty go free than that of one innocent individual be imprisoned, and then executed? The execution of an innocent individual is simply inexcusable. However it happens and much more often. Inquiries flourish as to the reason why and what can be done in regards to this matter.┬áThe issue of wrongful executions has been deliberated for over a period of time, however it has repeatedly been downplayed. It was only the beginning of DNA technology, which makes it probable to conclusively prove that an individual did not commit the crime for which they were incarcerated, that has forced nonbelievers to recognize that wrongful executions do actually occur. This research paper describes the reason as to why wrongful execution has become a protruding matter, the scope of the issue, its causes, focused analysis and supporting evidence.
             Inopportunely, the occurrence of wrongful execution is nearly impossible to determine, for the reason that evidence of DNA is not accessible in a majority of cases. There is cause to consider, nevertheless, that the number of wrongfully executed individuals should be the source for the criminal justice system to have genuine concern about how it is functioning.┬áThe problem of wrongful executions is that it must be addressed on several fronts. Primarily, there must get a better understanding as to what leads to such executions in order to conclude what can be done in order to remedy them. Following, there must be ways to classify those cases in which wrongful executions that have occurred and means by which to prove innocence and protect the prisoner's release. Lastly, it is significantly vital that a focus is made as well on the greater, systemic matters in order to avert such inequalities from taking place.

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