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Public Health Programs and Solutions

             Health care is vital to every living being. It helps with sustainability of all activities undertaken in every day to day. Over the years, healthcare has improved as a result of the introduction of new policies and programs. It has also been accompanied by new and pre- existing conditions that need medical attention. Medical practitioners believe that there is always room for improvement to attain set goals in the health sector. This case study is designed to illustrate possible solutions to assurance of improved public health care by the contribution of the general public, government, private insurance companies and the health workers. Unattainable insurance programs, behavioral and lifestyle changes, gaps between recommended services and actual care and substance abuse are the major issues facing health care. The mortality rate is mainly related to health care. There are factors leading to early deaths that are not related to health, for example, an increase in terrorism.
             As the years progressed, there is evidence that health problems are always bound to the economy. The economy of a country affects its health sector in a negative or positive way. A country with high expenditure leaves employers with tax strains. It causes a strain on the family budgets that causes them to drop or limit health coverage. Health insurance costs also increase as a result. Approximately 48% of the uninsured people fail to take insurance because it is too expensive according to a study taken. The majority of the young adults is not insured. The family fails to prioritize health care and only undertake it when it is an emergency. The uninsured and under insured are exposed to more health problems than the insured people. It is estimated that 71 million American Adults are not insured. The insured also face problems of rise in co- payments and deductibles, waiting periods and exclusion of some services.

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