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How Healthy is Canola Oil?

             Researchers are continuing to look for new low-fat substitutes to be used in food preparation. Canola oil comes from the rapeseed plant, a yellow-flowering plant, which originated in Canada in the 1970's as natural oil. In current years, Canola oil sales have been on the rise and, in various recipes, used in place of butter and shortening. Although Canola oil is considered to be "the healthiest" cooking oil, others testify that Canola is toxic to the body and should not be sold for the consumption of the public due to scientists genetically engineering the crops in the last 30 years. .
             The Problems Associated with Canola Oil.
             When Canola oil was originally marketed, it was branded as completely natural oil until the 1995. Researchers say, "By 2009, 90% of the Canadian crop was genetically engineered and as of 2005, 87% of canola grown in the United States was genetically modified"(Axe, 2012). Genetically modified (GMO) crops have their genetic material artificially manipulated causing the plants to be unstable when in contact with the body's chemicals. In various studies it has been found that Canola is detrimental to the human body because more than 90% of the crops in America have genetically altered and produced using harmful chemicals. Canola oil is extracted from crushed seeds ".Heated and subjected to chemical solvents, like hexane"(Wellness, 2015). Hexane is a hazardous air-pollutant. People who work in these facilities claim that most of the Hexane is removed, but others worry that traces of it remains in mixture with the Canola oil. Scientists quite often compare Canola oil and Olive oil to be equally healthy but "Numerous animal studies point to serious and deleterious effects of canola oil on rats and pigs" (Leonard, 2009). Consequently, by using the new system of creating Canola oil, genetically modifying the crops, Canola oil has acquired substantial publicity, voicing the pros and cons of the product.

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