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Texting, Driving and Mandatory Jail Time

            With cars evolving to allow us to use our phones without taking our hands off the wheel, a lot of people use their phones while driving, especially young drivers. Being caught driving and texting should not result in mandatory jail time except if injury or death is involved. Drivers should put down their devices and drive more cautiously. The chances of getting into an accident are a lot higher if you use your phone. Our phones are part of our daily routine and for drivers, driving is part of our daily routine as well. When you are driving there is 1 out of 50 000 chances of getting into an accident. But when you are using a phone the chances of getting into an accident are four times higher than someone who is focused on the road. Drivers need to understand. That their lives are more important than a simple text message, and that it can wait until you have parked the car. In Ontario it is illegal to use an electronic device while you are driving but you can only use your phone if you are parked or making a 911 call.
             Whenever you get pulled over, you usually get a fine and sometimes demerit points. If you are caught driving and texting, you will get a $225-$280 fine. But if your distraction risk others on the road the punishment will include six demerit points fines of $2000 or more jail sentence of six months and two-year license suspension. By rising the jail time up by one or two years, hopefully it would scare drivers and put down their phones while driving. There have been discussions that there will be cameras installed into cars so if any accidents happen, investigators can know exactly what happened. It is an idea that has caused many ongoing debates. As people believe that it invades people privacy and could violate the charter our country proudly lives by. Hopefully this does happen as it can make drivers drive more cautiously and be more aware.
             A trend has been going around where people who are about to start driving send a message that says "x".

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