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Narrative Essay - The Festival Of Nations

            We are, at almost every point of our day, immersed in cultural diversity: faces, clothes, smells, attitudes, values, traditions, behaviors, beliefs, rituals -Randa Abdel-Fattah. This year on May 1st at 9 AM I went down to St. Paul, Minnesota to go to this event called Festival of Nations that takes every year. It's a festival of all countries to get together and show the world how they really are. Any country you can name, they will have their own booth. I spent six hours there and studied several countries. They have cafés, bazaars, performances, demonstrations and exhibits. My favorite part was trying out all of the different foods. Since I am Pakistani the first cafe I went to was the Pakistani one. I tried their kabobs. It was interesting meeting other Pakistanis to see how they were just like me. .
             Next was Egypt, and since everyone was talking about how great Gyros are decided to try them out. While I was eating, there was a sudden rush and roaring to the side of the building where they were doing a Mexican folk dance and that caught my eye. To myself I thought how amazing it was that we're filled in a world with so many cultural differences. How Mexican has a Folk dance, my country has a Bhangra dance and how Arabians have their Dabke dance. After seeing the amazing dance I marched my way down to the bazaars to see what type of accessories other countries have. While I was on my way I ran into a huge line of young females wanting to get temporary Henna tattoos. Henna usually exists in Africa, Middle East and Asian countries. But now it has made it's way to the United States drastically fast. My first bazaar visit was to the Ecuadorian table and they were selling scented false flowers. As I made my way down the hall I went to the German table and ran into a very wise man who was using this foot stepper stitching method. He told me about how he was from Berlin, Germany and how his family gave up everything just to come to the United States to have a great future for them and himself.

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