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Finding Your Identity

            It has been said that finding your true identity or true self may be difficult. But although it is really important. Every day that went by I was that shy and scared person to even step up for myself. I just wanted to fit in with the cool and popular kids at school. But each day that went by I wondered why I lived the way I did and I went after finding my true identity. Finding your true identity can bring the best out of you.
             To begin with, finding your true identity or true self may be difficult, especially for a really shy person that doesn't even try to figure themselves out. Of course that was me, the shy, and nervous new girl working with a bunch of teenagers in Starbucks. For example, one busy afternoon my best friend Kendra, texted me while I was at work. She asked me if I wanted to go to some party that night with her, I replied, "Heck yeah! I'm down L.O.L c u tonight girl." Later that night, with only a few minutes until my shift was over, I was asked from a coworker if I could work until midnight. In my mind I said no, but how could I possibly say no and so I said yes and worked until midnight and cancelled my friend Kendra. I found it hard to say no at times, so I was known at work as, "The new girl, she will do anything; she will cover shifts, throw the trash away, and even wash the dishes." But no one actually took the time to get to know me or understand who I really was. I don't even think half of the coworkers knew my name. Most of them would shout out, "Hey!" when they would try to catch my attention. Being that shy girl did affect the fact that I couldn't ever say the word, "No," to anybody, especially at work. I felt like if I would say no to anyone they would not like me or treat me bad. When in reality they didn't even have a reason why to like me or not because I was just some quit human moving around. Unfortunately, finding your true identity was never near being on my list of life, because being shy and nervous was more like a drug inside of me that had me scared.

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