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The Role of Jealousy in Othello

            The Shakespearian play Othello shows that love is a driving force by involving jealousy, trust and pride in this classic tragedy. Jealousy is a key factor that appears to destroy Othello. Another aspect that love is a driving force is the trust that Othello had in "honest Iago". Finally, Othello's pride clouds his judgment about what is right and therefore he murders his beloved wife, Desdemona. Love was a driving force that destroyed Othello and all that he held dear to his heart. This proves to be a perfect play because it incorporates all of the elements of a Shakespearean play so wonderfully. .
             Jealousy is a strong force that can destroy and control ones every move. The emotions suggested by Othello indicated that he could easily be manipulated. Othello's insecurities and over reactions focus his idea that Desdemona has betrayed him with Cassio. Othello cannot stand uncertainty and with his rigid military background he does not rest, judging, condemning and executing Desdemona. The significance of the love token handkerchief represents their first night together as man and wife. Believing that Desdemona gave it away to Cassio proves to Othello that their love wasn't special and private. His treasured gift wasn't symbolic to Desdemona which enraged Othello to kill her.
             Othello's trust in Iago is unfortunate and naive. Throughout this tragic play Iago initiates a chain of events to gain Othello's trust and faith in him. One example is when Othello appoints Iago to be the officer to deliver documents from the Senate at the request of the Duke. He regards Iago "A man he is of honesty and trust" (Othello, 1.3). Othello continued to entrust Iago with responsibilities, including escorting his wife to Cyprus .Iago's wife accompanied Desdemona as per the request of Othello. Othello stated 'Honest Iago/ my Desdemona must I leave to thee/ I prithee, let thy wife attend on her: and bring them after in the best advantage" (Othello, 1.

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