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Internationalism and the European Union

            The source presented is displaying a negative aspect to internationalism as it is taking about isolation and how it damages or doesn't answer social life for individuals, nor politics for nations. The phrase in the source are sentences like "Man is a social animal" which could refer to the neglectance of nationalism or the embracement of a communist or a non-sovereign nation-state from a particular being or person. Another key term defined in the source is "isolement". Isolement could also be referred to as isolation and this defines the ignorance of globalization or a global community for a particular nation or country. This declines any or all access to the outside world to be shut or sealed. Therefore the source is explaining that internationalism is not being pursued or accepted to a reasonable or great extent. Internationalism isn't there for all and usually leaves countries not involved in isolation. Internationalism is the cooperation among many nations. Promotion and devotion to the interests of that nation or particular group is crucial for the greater good of internationalism. .
             One perspective suggests that internationalism is great because it promotes the interactiveness or cooperation among many nations. Others, however, believe that internationalism is a horrible thing because it destroys many communities and provokes many wars between nation-states. In evaluating this issue, it's clear that we should embrace the perspective presented in the source that internationalism isn't beneficial to all and promotes an isolated system or nation to a minimal extent. This is because the European Union connected many nations (mainly European countries), free trade between countries developed the economy for for many, and internationalism promotes peace, security, self-determination, economic stability, and humanitarianism between nations.
             The European Union connected many nations.

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