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LEGO: A Gender Neutral Product?

            LEGO, which recently passed Mattel as the worlds largest toy maker, was one of the first companies to adopt the movement of marketing certain toys toward certain genders. As seen on television and known by children of both genders worldwide, LEGO's are a children's favorite. The creators of LEGO have been striving to embrace creativity building skills in children starting at the age of four years old. Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based out of Denmark. Lego's are a gender neutral toy, but certain lines such as Lego Friends, which is more directed to a female gender. However, focusing on the main Lego Brand, the consumer would be parents of both male and female toddlers, and children.
             Enjoy the satisfaction of summer, autumn, or winter with the incredible 3-in-1 Lego Creator Changing Seasons set. Welcome to the elegant summer cottage with its dark red tiled roof, green front door, with white and blue awnings complimented by colorful window boxes. On the outside a small bird sits on a large apple tree in the yard. With a small blue car that is struck by the sun in the driveway. A wonderful garden, vegetable patch, and swimming pool are lit up by the sunshine overhead. This model also features a lawnmower, mailbox, and lounge chairs. Reminding you of your childhood home. .
             When the leaves start to fall your home also starts to change. That is why this series offers a home that just says fall. Let your child take apart that summer home and make some changes. Remove the swimming pool, the lawn mower, and the lounge chairs and replace them with colorful bricks displaying the color of fall. Included in this package is a Lego man with an attached rake to simulate the fun times of jumping into piles of leaves as a kid. There is no set way to build your house because The Lego Group promotes creativity among children.

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