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The Case of Tinker Vs. Des Moines

            Most of all of Supreme Court case from the time of Tinker V. Des Monies case have restricted the student rights of expression, student must be free to express themselves without unfair limits and the Tinker vs. Des Moines cases affirmed the rights of students to express themselves and the 1st Amendment prohibits laws that limit free expression. The case of Tinker v. Des Monies was rather a simple one. The case of whether the first amendment applied to students or just adults. The students argued that they should be allowed to wear armbands to display their praise for the people of the dead during the war. The staff thought this shouldn't be allowed, mostly because of their influence of their actions might disrupt the learning environment of the class and (possibly) the school. This is understandable. They only wanted what was best for the students. Despite this fact, isn't this a little restricting? Yeah sure, they don't want the students to form a riot, but not allowing them to express their feelings from the war by not letting them wear arm bands, worse case not allowing them to return until they didn't wear it? That's the reason why the case was started in the first place. This could be avoided if they were allowed to wear the armbands in school to a certain extent that is. Besides, this could be the exact reason why a riot might form, the restrictions is causing a stressful strain to the students and couldn't take much more of it.
             In 1965, 3 students Mary Beth, John Tinkers and one other student in Des Moines, Iowa decided to wear black armbands to school in representation of mourning the dead and protest the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a military conflict fought primarily in the Southern Vietnam in the year between 1959 and 1975, the Vietnam War cost the United States 58,000 lives, 350 causalities' and resulted in roughly around two million Vietnam deaths. (Digital History 2011).

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