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Why A Boy Is Not Happy According to Aristotle?

            In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle claims the highest good is happiness. According to Aristotle's argument about happiness; a boy is not happy because he is incapable of meeting both the important requirements of happines: a complete virtue and a complete life. Complete virtue is independent from age it is related with state of mind. Complete life is related with age and experience. As a result, a boy can have complete virtue, but he cannot have a complete life due to his youth. .
             Complete virtue is the first requirement in order to be happy according to Aristotle; without it, an individual can not be happy. Aristotle means intending to do a kindness by "complete virtue." (15). Complete virtue is the fundamental of happiness in Aristotle's view.". But in his opinion, intent is not enough on its own. It should be disclosed by activity to attain happiness. For example, person who is isolated from his friends and family sleeps all day and do not go out from his house. He lives alone and do not communicate with external world. He never hurts other people and do not wrong to them and other alives. He wants to do the best kindness to his friends, family and he wishes the best desires about them. It can be said that he has a complete virtue which is inactive. At that point, he should give fillip to his virtue and activate it to be happy according to Aristotle. He should go out from the house and make real his desires by communicating with people. In this context, there is no obstacle for boys to have a complete virtue and they can also activate it by their actions.
             A complete life is the other reguirement of happiness which means a greater age and experience which comes with age according to Aristotle. It is disputable part of his argument. Complete virtue should be merged with the complete life in order to be happy according to Aristotle. He puts on emphasize that none of boys is capable of sharing in such activity because they are too young to have this capability (15).

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