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Crisis of Imagination and Power

            Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power: Capitalism, Creativity and the Common written by Max Haiven is arguing that capitalism has populated how individuals visualize and express what they believe to be valuable. According to Haiven (2014), due to the public sphere drop, the commerce of teaching, the denationalization of originality, and the authority of investment capital in opposition to the supremacy of the mind, offers an influential dispute for making an anti-capitalist commons (p.22). Capitalism is definitely in a disaster because it is said to be the only key to survival (p. 23). That being said, I strongly think that this book is absolutely an important analysis for all the individuals who are curious about the burden of severity and expect for a fair-minded future.
             Max Haiven is not only an author, but he is also an instructor and planner. He is an assistant instructor who teaches the history of art and studies that are very critical at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design which is located in Halifax, Canada (Haiven, 2014). Haiven's study concentrates on subjects comprising the economic aspect of our culture, nation, public actions and the fundamental dreams, policies, cultural beliefs and social philosophy (Haiven, 2014).
             I chose this book because Haiven argues that the wisdom of ineffectiveness is the remaining result of how the current capitalism encompasses our present time, our people, our atmosphere and most definitely our vision (p.33). This is relevant to our current society because inclusion at this time is a comparison lent from the development where old-fashioned farmers were evicted of their mutual properties and was mainly obligated to depend on their salary for the purpose of their living. During the course of the book, he argue these ideas in many ways and he believes that the way the mind thinks is similar to what occurs, not only at the way individuals perceive to think; but also at the level of societal and physical relationships.

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