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Autism and Temple Grandin

            Best-selling author and autism activist, Temple Grandin, was diagnosed with autism as a young child. She shares in TED Talk how her mind works and how she might be able to notice more than the average brain. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum, visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, and verbal thinkers. Grandin is up on the normal TED talk stage, in a nice country button up and some jeans, that explains her personality and how she really is. Since she sees things in pictures, she uses visuals to put us in the state of mind she is in constantly. I think that is absolutely genius because it makes you think a different way. She persuades her audience in a way that saying someone with autism can be the person to invent the next big thing. What makes this video work is how Temple Grandin gets you to see how she sees, and uses that to get you to be open minded about how minds work.
             Autism is a huge spectrum, it can be very severe and it can also be someone who is an engineer. Autism interests me so much because the range is so broad. As Temple Grandin says, she thinks in pictures, not language. Grandin notices the details, while someone without autism will overpass the little details that could be potentially important. Schools are beginning to take out hands on classes and operations, when kids with autism learn best at hands on projects. Temple Grandin is also a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior. In her work with cattle, she noticed that what was making them buck in the pen was the flag waving. She then proceeded to get into the pen, and see what the cattle are seeing. She then noticed that a number of things are making the cattle buck, such as; a chain hanging, and even shadows. Grandin asks her audience to think of a church, and of course we all think of the general church steeple. When she thinks of a church, she thinks of a real life image.

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