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Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita

            In The Bhagavad Gita, we uncover the ways of Krishna to the Hindu's during a war in which people start to really question the ethics of their position. One alluring feature is how the rulers play into the text and how the instruction of Krishna support and deflect away from the authority of the people. There are many attributes of the Hindu's that do make them open to social and national rule; despite this, most of them actually have a drawback. There's a multitude of ways in which the teachings of Krishna support a value for a society or nation. Krishna says that people are required to listen to their consciousness and to also perform their duties.¬†As citizens of the United States maybe we feel a duty to; serve our country in time of war or vote. Krishna teaches to act upon their duty immediately without attachment, he says "performing action with detachment, one achieves supreme good." (Barbara Miller, 43). .
             Once you have fully "detached" from your duties as a person and realizing what you must do, you still advance in terms of spirituality ultimately. The duties of a citizen in society might be; to pay taxes, the need to defend the country or even the duty to participate in the democratic process. If people, follow these teachings they can be influenced to accomplish their duty as citizens under society. Alas, there arises an issue when faced with a sort of forced duty. The act of urging someone into duty compromises the integrity and passion of the person to even perform the duty in the first place. If it isn't a duty a person is eager to perform them one may not be likely to put 100% into that task or duty. If the US sent a person to war who felt completely apathetic towards the cause can you expect them to really put in their all for the "greater good"?.
             From Krishna, we see a view where there is support for a man who is well disciplined is a man who is destined to be good.

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