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Feed by M.T. Anderson

            In the next two-hundred years, Americans realistically envision our nation to be relatively identical to what our community is at this time. Aside from the technological advancements, the changes in pop-culture, and the adjustments to our political system, people do not think much is going to change. However in the novel, "Feed" by M.T. Anderson, the illustration of the United States is exceedingly disparate. The novel portrays a future in which the feed-net, a huge computer network, is directly connected to the brains of seventy-three percent of American citizens by means of an implanted device called a feed. This contraption has improved the lives of many people including Titus, a teenage boy who has grown into the world of consumerism. However, in order to maintain this utopian lifestyle, there are consequences. In Titus' future America, the Feed is the ultimate disruptive invention for education, along with the inability to disconnect from the constant distractions that the Feed provides you with. .
             The creation of the Feed has destroyed the concept of intelligence because of the useless information that they have instilled in many children. Throughout the book, we are told that the Feed offers a surplus of knowledge, all on a silver platter. This information comes from a feednet (an advanced form of the internet) that is connected to the majority of Americans. Although this sounds beneficial towards society and may seem like it can improve lives, the knowledge that is actually provided, decreases the intelligence of the people who utilize the device. For instance, Titius describes the Feed when he says, "People were really excited when they first came out with feeds. It was all da da da, this big educational thing, da da da, your child will have the advantage, encyclopedias at their fingertips, closer than their fingertips, etc. That's one of the great things about the feed – that you can be supersmart without ever working.

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