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Cellphones and Product Positioning

            Discuss one example of a productservice that failed to position itself in mind of consumers in light of the definition of positioning. Product positioning plays an essential role for any marketing plan to be effective, when one hears the word product positioning they might think that it is related to doing something to the product itself but in reality it is related to what you do to the consumer's perception about the product. Just like people have different perceptions about different people around them likewise products and services also have different standings in the minds of people. Hence, product positioning can be explained as how consumers perceive a particular product when it comes to its attributes, quality, pros, cons and uses in comparison to the competitor's products available in the market. It is basically a marketing strategy that works to hold a specific place in the consumer's mind in comparison to the competitor's products, this strategy can be applied either by focusing on how the product's characteristics are different than that of the competitor's or else the product can be positioned by developing an image suitable to the product's attributes such as premium, high end, utilitarian, luxurious or of normal use. Product positioning can be deemed as a very sensitive strategy as once the product is positioned in a particular manner in the minds of the consumers then it becomes very difficult to change that image in the consumer's mind and to reposition that product/service. .
             Although one very important factor before positioning the product is to determine the product's target market and its preferences, extensive research should be undertook when defining the target market of the product and what the target market expects out of the product when it comes to its attributes and uses. Once the target market is specified then the needs of that target market must be taken in to consideration.

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