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Characterizations of the Dance Community

            The dance community is a tribute to the art of movement. It is basically characterized by having creativity, passion, and the ability to perform movements that the human body can only do through comprehensive training. In general, the people who are part of this community are around the ages of 12 and older. Even though the training can initiate at an early age (6 years old), it is after the age of 12 when a person can professionally go into show business and its different techniques (Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, etc.) Each of the above techniques share common characteristics such as discipline. In order to become a professional dancer, many years of practice, hard work, and dedication is necessary. Dancers must give 101 % of their time and have a winner mentality in order to achieve their goals. Another characteristic that brings these different styles together is their love of music. Music must be their passion in order for them to be successful, as writers must love their letters in order to make a magnificent work.
             These different techniques require not only talent and dance skills; it also requires different life styles. One example is Jazz, whose members are characterized by their dedication, brotherhood, and their ability to overcome obstacles. A competitive environment mostly surrounds them, since this group of dancers constantly relates to international competitions, where they have to continuously go through hard training in order to advance and go beyond expectations. .
             On the other hand, the environment that surrounds contemporary dancers is that of intellectual knowledge, entertainment, and finally mental and physical concentration. The majority of its members are intellectual dancers who have a unique way of speaking that shows their knowledge and understanding of the arts.
             In an interview by Skype the contemporary dance teacher Ruby Gamez tells us that the difference between Jazz and Contemporary is that "contemporary dance members are more independent than the ones from Jazz in the way they move and the preparation prior their performance, where meditation is required in order to get into character.

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